Man pages for polysat
Tools for Polyploid Microsatellite Analysis

alleleCorrelationsAssign Alleles to Isoloci Based on Distribution of Genotypes
alleleDiversityRetrieve and Count Unique Alleles
AllopolyTutorialDataSimulated Allotetraploid Data
assignClonesGroup Individuals Based on a Distance Threshold
Bruvo2.distanceDistance Measure of Bruvo et al. under Genome Loss and...
Bruvo.distanceGenetic Distance Metric of Bruvo et al.
calcFstEstimate Population Differentiation Statistics
catalanAllelesSort Alleles into Isoloci
deleteSamplesRemove Samples or Loci from an Object
deSilvaFreqEstimate Allele Frequencies with EM Algorithm
editGenotypesEdit Genotypes Using the Data Editor
estimatePloidyEstimate Ploidies Based on Allele Counts
FCRinfoAdditional Data on Rubus Samples
find.missing.genFind Missing Genotypes Allele Frequencies for Adegenet
genambig-classClass "genambig" Between Genotype Object Classes
genbinary-classClass "genbinary"
gendata-classClass "gendata" Data to genind Format
genIndexFind All Unique Genotypes for a Locus
genotypeDiversityGenotype Diversity Statistics
genotypeProbsCalculate Probabilities of Unambiguous Genotypes
isMissingDetermine Whether Genotypes Are Missing
Lynch.distanceCalculate Band-Sharing Dissimilarity Between Genotypes
meandistance.matrixMean Pairwise Distance Matrix
meandist.from.arrayTools for Working With Pairwise Distance Arrays
mergeAlleleAssignmentsMerge Allele Assignment Matrices
merge-methodsMerge Two Genotype Objects into One
PICPolymorphic Information Content
pldAccessor, Replacement, and Manipulation Functions for...
ploidysuper-classClass '"ploidysuper"' and Subclasses
plotSSAlloPerform Allele Assignments across Entire Dataset
polysat-internalInternal Functions in polysat
read.ATetraRead File in ATetra Format
read.GeneMapperRead GeneMapper Genotypes Tables
read.GenoDiveImport Genotype Data from GenoDive File
read.POPDISTRead Genotype Data in POPDIST Format
read.SPAGeDiRead Genotypes in SPAGeDi Format
read.STRandRead Genotypes Produced by STRand Software
read.StructureRead Genotypes and Other Data from a Structure File
read.TetrasatRead Data from a TETRASAT Input File
recodeAllopolyCreate a New 'genambig' Dataset with Loci Split into Isoloci
reformatPloidiesConvert Ploidy Format of a Dataset
SamplesAccessor and Replacement Functions for "gendata" Objects
simAllopolyGenerate Simulated Datasets
simgenRandomly Generated Data for Learning polysat
simpleFreqSimple Allele Frequency Estimator
testgenotypesRubus Genotype Data for Learning polysat
viewGenotypesPrint Genotypes to the Console
write.ATetraWrite Genotypes in ATetra Format
write.freq.SPAGeDiCreate a File of Allele Frequencies for SPAGeDi
write.GeneMapperWrite Genotypes to a Table Similarly to ABI GeneMapper
write.GenoDiveWrite a File in GenoDive Format
write.POPDISTWrite Genotypes to a POPDIST File
write.SPAGeDiWrite Genotypes in SPAGeDi Format
write.StructureWrite Genotypes in Structure 2.3 Format
write.TetrasatWrite Genotype Data in Tetrasat Format
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