popdemo: Demographic Modelling Using Projection Matrices

Tools for modelling populations and demography using matrix projection models (MPMs). Designed to build on similar tools already available in 'popbio'. Specific foci are on indices of transient dynamics and use of control theory approaches, but 'popdemo' may also be useful for other implementations of MPMs, or matrix models in a more general sense.

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AuthorIain Stott <iainmstott@gmail.com>, Dave Hodgson <D.J.Hodgson@exeter.ac.uk>, Stuart Townley <S.B.Townley@exeter.ac.uk>
Date of publication2016-05-18 17:29:29
MaintainerIain Stott <iainmstott@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

blockmatrix: Block-permute a reducible matrix

Cohen.cumulative: Calculate Cohen's cumulative distance

convergence.time: Calculate time to convergence

dr: Calculate damping ratio

elas: Calculate elasticity matrix

firststepatt: Calculate first-timestep attenuation

inertia: Calculate population inertia

inertia.tfa: Analyse transfer function of population inertia

inertia.tfamatrix: Analyse transfer function of inertia

inertia.tfsens: Calculate sensitivity of inertia using transfer functions

is.matrix_ergodic: Determine ergodicity of a matrix

is.matrix_irreducible: Determine reducibility of a matrix

is.matrix_primitive: Determine primitivity of a matrix

Keyfitz.delta: Calculate Keyfitz's delta

Kreiss: Calculate Kreiss bounds

Matlab2R: Read Matlab style matrices into R

maxamp: Calculate maximal amplification

maxatt: Calculate maximal attenuation

minCS: Calculate the mininum column sum of a matrix

plot.projection: Plot population dynamics

plot.tfa: Plot transfer function

plot.tfamatrix: Plot matrices of transfer functions

popdemo-package: Demographic Modelling Using Projection Matrices

project: Project population dynamics

projection.distance: Calculate projection distance

R2Matlab: Convert matrices into Matlab style strings

reactivity: Calculate reactivity

sens: Calculate sensitivity matrix

tf: Calculate transfer function

tfa: Analyse transfer function

tfamatrix: Analyse transfer function

tfsens: Calculate sensitivity using transfer functions

Tort: Desert tortoise matrix

truelambda: Calculate simulated asymptotic growth


blockmatrix Man page
Cohen.cumulative Man page
convergence.time Man page
dr Man page
elas Man page
firststepatt Man page
inertia Man page
inertia.tfa Man page
inertia.tfamatrix Man page
inertia.tfsens Man page
inertia.tfsensmatrix Man page
is.matrix_ergodic Man page
is.matrix_irreducible Man page
is.matrix_primitive Man page
Keyfitz.delta Man page
Kreiss Man page
Matlab2R Man page
maxamp Man page
maxatt Man page
minCS Man page
plot.projection Man page
plot.tfa Man page
plot.tfamatrix Man page
popdemo Man page
project Man page
projection.distance Man page
R2Matlab Man page
reactivity Man page
sens Man page
tf Man page
tfa Man page
tfamatrix Man page
tfsens Man page
tfsensmatrix Man page
Tort Man page
truelambda Man page

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