Man pages for popdemo
Demographic Modelling Using Projection Matrices

blockmatrixBlock-permute a reducible matrix
CohenDCalculate Cohen's cumulative distance
convtCalculate time to convergence
drCalculate damping ratio
eigsCalculate asymptotic growth
elasCalculate elasticity matrix
inertiaCalculate population inertia
isErgodicDetermine ergodicity of a matrix
isIrreducibleDetermine reducibility of a matrix
isPrimitiveDetermine primitivity of a matrix
KeyfitzDCalculate Keyfitz's delta
KreissCalculate Kreiss bounds
Matlab2RRead Matlab style matrices into R
maxampCalculate maximal amplification
maxattCalculate maximal attenuation
PbearPolar bear matrices
plot.tfaPlot transfer function
plot.tfamPlot transfer function
popdemo-deprecatedDeprecated functions in the popdemo package
popdemo-packageProvides tools for demographic modelling using projection...
projectProject population dynamics
Projection-class'Projection' object S4 class
projectionDCalculate projection distance
Projection-plotsDisplay methods for 'Projection' objects
R2MatlabConvert matrices into Matlab style strings
reacCalculate reactivity and first-timestep attenuation
sensCalculate sensitivity matrix
stochProject population dynamics
tfa_inertiaTransfer function Analysis
tfa_lambdaTransfer function analysis
tfam_inertiaTransfer function Analysis
tfam_lambdaTransfer function analysis
tfs_inertiaCalculate sensitivity of inertia using transfer functions
tfs_lambdaCalculate sensitivity using transfer functions
TortDesert tortoise matrix
truelambdaCalculate asymptotic growth
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