Man pages for postpack
Utilities for Processing Posterior Samples Stored in 'mcmc.lists'

array_formatConvert a vector to the array structure used in model
cjsExample mcmc.list 1
cjs_no_rhoExample mcmc.list 2
density_plotCreate a density plot for a single desired node
diag_plotsCreate MCMC diagnostic plots for nodes of interest
drop_indexExtract the base node name of a parameter
get_paramsObtain the names of all nodes
id_matExtract chain and iteration IDs for each sample
ins_regex_bracketInsert escapes on regex brackets
ins_regex_lockInsert the symbols to lock in a string for matching
list_outList vector elements in a nice format
match_paramsFind matching node names
mytitleAdd a title between two figures
post_bindCombine two objects containing posterior samples
post_convertConvert MCMC samples to mcmc.list format
post_dimObtain MCMC dimensions from an mcmc.list
postpackUtilities for Processing Posterior Samples Stored in...
post_removeRemove nodes from mcmc.list
post_subsetExtract samples from specific nodes
post_summObtain posterior summaries and diagnostics of specific nodes
post_thinPerform post-MCMC thinning
rm_regex_bracketRemove escapes on regex brackets
rm_regex_lockRemove the symbols that lock in a string for matching
trace_plotCreate a trace plot for a single desired node
vcov_decompDecompose the posterior of a variance-covariance node
write_modelExport BUGS/JAGS model from function to file
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