Man pages for prcbench
Testing Workbench for Precision-Recall Curves

autoplotPlot the result of Precision-Recall curve evaluation
C1DATAC1: Pre-calculated Precision-Recall curve
C2DATAC2: Pre-calculated Precision-Recall curve
C3DATAC3: Pre-calculated Precision-Recall curve
C4DATAC4: Pre-calculated Precision-Recall curve
create_example_funcCreate an example for the func argument of the create_usrtool...
create_testsetCreate a list of test datasets
create_toolsetCreate a set of tools
create_usrdataCreate a user-defined test dataset
create_usrtoolCreate a set of tools
prcbenchprcbench: A package to provide a testing workbench for...
run_benchmarkRun microbenchmark with specified tools and test sets
run_evalcurveEvaluate Precision-Recall curves with specified tools and...
TestDataBR6 class of test dataset for performance evaluation tools
TestDataCR6 class of test dataset for Precision-Recall curve...
ToolAUCCalculatorR6 class of the AUCCalculator tool
ToolIFBaseBase class of performance evaluation tools
ToolPerfMeasR6 class of the PerfMeas tool
ToolprecrecR6 class of the precrec tool
ToolPRROCR6 class of the PRROC tool
ToolROCRR6 class of the ROCR tool
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