Man pages for precommit
Pre-Commit Hooks

autoupdateAuto-update your hooks
call_and_captureMake a call with 'system2()' and capture the effects.
call_precommitCall pre-commit
copy_artifactsCopy some file to the test directory that must be present,...
diff_requires_run_roxygenizeCheck if we should run roxygen.
dirs_R.cacheCreate the path to the precommit R.cache cache
ensure_namedName the input
extract_diff_rootExtract old and new lines from git diff –cached
fallback_docFallback doc
generate_uninstalled_pkg_nameGenerate a random package name that is not installed
git_initInitiate git and configure it
hook_state_assertCheck if the hook produced what you want
hook_state_createCreate a hook state
install_implInstall pre-commit on your system with conda
install_precommitInstall pre-commit on your system
local_test_setupTesting utilities
may_require_permanent_cacheIssue a warning if '{R.cache}' uses temporary cache only
not_condaThe testing environment does not use a conda environment if...
open_configOpen pre-commit related files
path_derive_precommit_execDerive the path to the pre-commit executable
path_derive_precommit_exec_condaDerive the path to the conda pre-commit executable
path_derive_precommit_exec_implFind an executable
path_derive_precommit_exec_pathDerive the pre-commit executable from the path
path_derive_precommit_exec_win_python3plus_baseWhere are executables on Windows for Python 3 and higher?
path_precommit_execLocate the pre-commit executable
precommit_executable_fileThe name of the executable file
precommit-packageprecommit: Pre-Commit Hooks
release_completeComplete the release
release_ghCreate a new release on GitHub
rev_readRead the refs corresponding to a hooks repo
robust_purlRun 'knitr::purl()', setting the chunk option 'purl' to...
roxygen_assert_additional_dependenciesAssert if all dependencies are installed
roxygenize_with_cacheRoxygen depending on cache state
run_testRun a test
run_test_implImplement a test run
set_config_sourceSet the location to a config file
snippet_generateGenerate code snippets
uninstall_precommitUninstall pre-commit
update_implUpdates pre-commit on your system with conda
update_precommitUpdate the pre-commit executable
update_rev_in_configUpdates the hook version ref of precommit in a...
use_ciUse continuous integration with pre-commit
use_precommitGet started with pre-commit
use_precommit_configInitiate a pre-commit config file
version_precommitRetrieve the version of the pre-commit executable used
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