Man pages for predictmeans
Calculate Predicted Means for Linear Models

anovalmerANOVA of a Linear Mixed Effects Model produced by l'lmer'...
contrastmeansLinear Contrast Tests for a Linear Model
CookDCalculates and plots Cook's distances for a Linear (Mixed)...
covariatemeansPredicted Means of a Linear Model with Covariate Variable(s)
KmatrixMatrix of Coefficients in a Linear Model
permanova.lmerPermutation ANOVA for 'lmer' Model
permindexPermutation Index
permlmerPermutation Test of random or fixed effects for 'lmer' model.
PMplotLevel Plot of a Matrix of p-values.
predictmeansPredicted Means of a Linear Model
predictmeans-packageCalculate Predicted Means for Linear Models
residplotDiagnostic Plots for a Linear (Mixed) Model
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