Man pages for preference
2-Stage Preference Trial Design and Analysis

effects_from_meansCalculate Effect Sizes from Means
fit_preferenceFit the Preference Data Collected from a Two-stage Clinical...
fit_preference_summaryFit Preference Model from Summary Data
imapData from the IMAP study
optimal_proportionUnstratified Optimized Theta
overall_powerPower Calculation from Sample Size
overall_sample_sizeOverall Sample Size
plot.preference.trialPlot the effect sizes of a preference trial
preferenceFit Preference Data Collected from a Two-stage Clinical Trial
preference-packageDesign and Analysis of Two-stage Randomized Clinical Trials
preference.trialCreate a Preference Trial
pt-accessorsPreference trial parameter accessors
pt_from_powerDesign Preference Trials with Power Constraint(s)
pt_from_ssDesign Preference Trials with Sample Size Constraint(s)
treatment_effect_sizeTreatment Effect Back Calculation
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