prefmod: Utilities to Fit Paired Comparison Models for Preferences

Generates design matrix for analysing real paired comparisons and derived paired comparison data (Likert type items/ratings or rankings) using a loglinear approach. Fits loglinear Bradley-Terry model (LLBT) exploiting an eliminate feature. Computes pattern models for paired comparisons, rankings, and ratings. Some treatment of missing values (MCAR and MNAR). Fits latent class (mixture) models for paired comparison, rating and ranking patterns using a non-parametric ML approach.

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AuthorReinhold Hatzinger [aut], Marco Johannes Maier [cre]
Date of publication2015-11-12 19:12:40
MaintainerMarco Johannes Maier <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

baseball: Data (paired comparisons): Baseball Games

carconf: Data (partial rankings): Car Configurator

cemspc: Data (paired comparisons with undecided): CEMS (Community of...

checkMIS: Function to check/report missing values in paired comparison...

dat4: Data (paired comparisons): dat4

euro55.2.des: Design data frame for a paired comparison pattern model for...

expand.mat: Utility function to expand aggregated data

immig: Data (paired comparisons with undecided and forced NAs):...

issp2000: Data (Likert items): ISSP 2000 Survey on Environmental Issues Loglinear Bradley-Terry Model (LLBT) - Design Matrix... Function to fit an LLBT Function to fit a loglinear Bradley-Terry model for paired...

llbt.worth: Function to calculate and print worth parameters from LLBT...

music: Data (ratings): Music (US General social survey 1993) Paired Comparison Patterns - Design Matrix Generation Function to fit a pattern model for ratings (Likert items) Function to fit a pattern model for repeated ratings (Likert... NPML estimation for paired comparison models Function to fit a pattern model for paired comparisons Function to fit a pattern model for (partial) rankings Function to fit a pattern model for repeated rankings)

patt.worth: Function to calculate and print worth parameters from pattern...

plot.wmat: Method to plot worth or model parameters from LLBT or pattern...

plotworth: Deprecated function to plot worth or model parameters from...

print.pattMod: Print methods for pattern models

salad: Data (ranks): Salad Dressings (Critchlow and Fligner)

simPC: Utility function to simulate paired comparison or rankings...

summary.pattNPML: Summarizing finite mixture regression fits

tennis: Data (paired comparisons): Preferred Interview Partner

trdel: Data (paired comparisons): Training delivery modes

xmpl: Data (Likert items): Example Data Set


baseball Man page
BIC.pattNPML Man page
carconf Man page
cemspc Man page
checkMIS Man page
dat4 Man page
euro55.2.des Man page
expand.mat Man page
immig Man page
issp2000 Man page Man page Man page Man page
llbt.worth Man page
music Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
patt.worth Man page
plot.wmat Man page
plotworth Man page
print.pattMod Man page
print.pattNPML Man page
salad Man page
simPC Man page
simR Man page
summary.pattNPML Man page
tennis Man page
trdel Man page
xmpl Man page


R/compnames.R R/perm.R R/ R/covdesign.R R/blcontrib.R R/print.pattMod.R R/writeGLIMcmds.R R/splitData3.R R/p2string.R R/gen.partsListR.R R/covpart2.R R/differences.R R/ R/covpartR.R R/generateLpatterns.R R/NIgroupscontrib.R R/simPC.R R/ R/gen.partsList2.R R/gen.partsList3.R R/splitData.R R/ R/ R/gen.partsList.R R/ R/convert2strings.R R/groupscontrib.R R/covpart3.R R/objdesign.R R/aggregR.R R/dependencies.R R/genintdesign.R R/splitCovs.R R/diffsred.R R/countpattern2.R R/loglik.R R/splitData2.R R/ R/countpattern3.R R/gfac2.R R/covpart.R R/loglikPC.R R/tern2int.R R/ R/init.R R/generateRpatterns.R R/ R/llbt.worth.R R/pcdesign.R R/ R/aggreg.R R/alldistPC.R R/patt.worth.R R/splitDataR.R R/plotworth.R R/int2tern.R R/log2int.R R/patternmat3.R R/patternmat2.R R/generatePCpatterns.R R/normalize.R R/simR.R R/NIblcontrib.R R/permutations.R R/aggreg2.R R/designkernel.R R/expand.mat.R R/checkMIS.R R/ R/plot.wmat.R R/aggreg3.R R/all_patterns.R R/bin2int.R R/countpattern.R R/ R/ R/Lpatternmat.R R/Rpatternmat.R
man/immig.Rd man/ man/dat4.Rd man/checkMIS.Rd man/cemspc.Rd man/xmpl.Rd man/tennis.Rd man/plot.wmat.Rd man/ man/print.pattMod.Rd man/plotworth.Rd man/simPC.Rd man/llbt.worth.Rd man/patt.worth.Rd man/ man/ man/baseball.Rd man/salad.Rd man/music.Rd
man/carconf.Rd man/ man/summary.pattNPML.Rd man/ man/ man/issp2000.Rd man/trdel.Rd man/ man/euro55.2.des.Rd man/ man/expand.mat.Rd man/

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