Man pages for processcheckR
Rule-Based Conformance Checking of Business Process Event Data

absentCheck if an activity is absent from a case
andCheck for co-existence of two activities
check_ruleCheck declarative rules.
check_rulesCheck multiple declarative rules.
containsCheck if activity is present (contained) in a case
contains_betweenCheck if activity is present (contained) in a case between...
contains_exactlyCheck if activity is present (contained) in a case for...
endsCheck if cases end with an activity.
filter_rulesFilter using declarative rules.
precedenceCheck for precedence between two activities.
processcheckRprocesscheckR - Check rules in event data
responded_existenceCheck for responded existence between two activity
responseCheck for response between two activities
startsCheck if cases start with an activity
successionCheck succession between two activities
xorCheck for exclusiveness of two activities
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