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Check if the specified activity is absent from a case.

The absent rule can be used to check whether an activity is absent in a case or not. The n parameter can be configured to create a different level of absence. When n = 0, an activity is not allowed to occur even a single time. The maximum number of times it is allowed to occur is n.


absent(activity, n = 0)



character: The activity to check. This should be an activity of the log supplied to check_rule.


numeric (default 0): The allowed number of occurences of the activity, e.g. n = 0 means the activity should be absent, n = 1 means it is allowed to occur once.

See Also

Other Cardinality rules: contains_between(), contains_exactly(), contains()



# Check for which patients the activity "MRI SCAN" is absent.
patients %>%
 check_rule(absent("MRI SCAN"))

# Check for which patients the activity "Blood test" occurs maximum a single time,
# but not 2 times or more.
patients %>%
 check_rule(absent("Blood test", n = 1))

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