Man pages for prodlim
Product-Limit Estimation for Censored Event History Analysis

atRiskDrawing numbers of subjects at-risk of experiencing an event...
backGroundBackground and grid color control.
checkCausesCheck availability of a cause in competing risk settings
confIntAdd point-wise confidence limits to the graphs of...
crModelCompeting risks model for simulation
dimColorDim a given color to a specified density
EventHistory.frameEvent history frame
getEventExtract a column from an event history object.
getStatesStates of a multi-state model
HistCreate an event history response variable
jackknifeCompute jackknife pseudo values.
leaveOneOutCompute jackknife pseudo values.
List2MatrixReduce list to a matrix or data.frame with names as new...
markTimeMarking product-limit plots at the censored times.
meanNeighborsHelper function to obtain running means for prodlim objects.
model.designExtract a design matrix and specials from a model.frame
neighborhoodNearest neighborhoods for kernel smoothing
parseSpecialNamesParse special terms
PercentAxisPercentage-labeled axis.
plotCompetingRiskModelPlotting a competing-risk-model.
plot.HistBox-arrow diagrams for multi-state models.
plotIllnessDeathModelPlotting an illness-death-model.
plot.prodlimPlotting event probabilities over time
predict.prodlimPredicting event probabilities from product limit estimates
predictSurvIndividualPredict individual survival probabilities
print.prodlimPrint objects in the prodlim library
prodlimproduct limit method
prodlim-packageKaplan-Meier and Aalen-Johansen method
quantile.prodlimQuantiles for Kaplan-Meier and Aalen-Johansen estimates.
redistCalculation of Efron's re-distribution to the right algorithm...
row.matchIdentifying rows in a matrix or data.frame
SimCompRiskSimulate competing risks data
SimSurvSimulate survival data
sindexIndex for evaluation of step functions.
SmartControlFunction to facilitate the control of arguments passed to...
stopTimeStop the time of an event history object
strip.termsStrip special functions from terms
summary.HistSummary of event histories
summary.prodlimSummary method for prodlim objects.
survModelSurvival model for simulation
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