prospectr: Miscellaneous functions for processing and sample selection of vis-NIR diffuse reflectance data

The package provides functions for pretreatment and sample selection of visible and near infrared diffuse reflectance spectra

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AuthorAntoine Stevens and Leonardo Ramirez-Lopez
Date of publication2014-02-14 14:00:28
MaintainerAntoine Stevens <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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binning Man page
bitAND Man page
blockNorm Man page
blockScale Man page
cochranTest Man page
continuumRemoval Man page
convCppM Man page
Cul Man page
detrend Man page
duplex Man page
e2m Man page
fastDist Man page
fastDistV Man page
gapDer Man page
honigs Man page
kenStone Man page
movav Man page
naes Man page
NIRsoil Man page
prospectr Man page
prospectr-package Man page
puchwein Man page
readASD Man page
resample Man page
resample2 Man page
ResampleCppM Man page
savitzkyGolay Man page
shenkWest Man page
spliceCorrection Man page
sqrtSm Man page
standardNormalVariate Man page

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