Man pages for pscl
Political Science Computational Laboratory

absenteeAbsentee and Machine Ballots in Pennsylvania State Senate...
admitApplications to a Political Science PhD Program
AustralianElectionPollingPolitical opinion polls in Australia, 2004-07
AustralianElectionselections to Australian House of Representatives, 1949-2016
betaHPDcompute and optionally plot beta HDRs
bioChemistsarticle production by graduate students in biochemistry Ph.D....
ca2006California Congressional Districts in 2006
computeMarginsadd information about voting outcomes to a rollcall object
constrain.itemsconstrain item parameters in analysis of roll call data
constrain.legisconstrain legislators' ideal points in analysis of roll call...
convertCodesconvert entries in a rollcall matrix to binary form
dropRollCalldrop user-specified elements from a rollcall object
dropUnanimousdrop unanimous votes from rollcall objects and matrices
EfronMorrisBatting Averages for 18 major league baseball players, 1970
extractRollCallObjectreturn the roll call object used in fitting an ideal model
hitmissTable of Actual Outcomes against Predicted Outcomes for...
hurdleHurdle Models for Count Data Regression
hurdle.controlControl Parameters for Hurdle Count Data Regression
hurdletestTesting for the Presence of a Zero Hurdle
idealanalysis of educational testing data and roll call data with...
idealToMCMCconvert an object of class ideal to a coda MCMC object
igammainverse-Gamma distribution
iraqVoteU.S. Senate vote on the use of force against Iraq, 2002.
nj07rollcall object, National Journal key votes of 2007
ntablenicely formatted tables
odTestlikelihood ratio test for over-dispersion in count data
partycodespolitical parties appearing in the U.S. Congress
plot.idealplots an ideal object
plot.predict.idealplot methods for predictions from ideal objects
plot.seatsVotesplot seats-votes curves
politicalInformationInterviewer ratings of respondent levels of political...
postProcessremap MCMC output via affine transformations
pR2compute various pseudo-R2 measures
predict.hurdleMethods for hurdle Objects
predict.idealpredicted probabilities from an ideal object
predict.zeroinflMethods for zeroinfl Objects
predprobcompute predicted probabilities from fitted models
predprob.glmPredicted Probabilities for GLM Fits
predprob.idealpredicted probabilities from fitting ideal to rollcall data
presidentialElectionselections for U.S. President, 1932-2016, by state
prussianPrussian army horse kick data
readKHread roll call data in Poole-Rosenthal KH format
RockTheVoteVoter turnout experiment, using Rock The Vote ads
rollcallcreate an object of class rollcall
s109rollcall object, 109th U.S. Senate (2005-06).
sc9497votes from the United States Supreme Court, from 1994-1997
seatsVotesA class for creating seats-votes curves
simpiMonte Carlo estimate of pi (3.14159265...)
state.infoinformation about the American states needed for U.S....
summary.idealsummary of an ideal object
summary.rollcallsummarize a rollcall object
tracextrace plot of MCMC iterates, posterior density of...
UKHouseOfCommons1992 United Kingdom electoral returns
unionDensitycross national rates of trade union density
vectorRepresentationconvert roll call matrix to series of vectors
vote92Reports of voting in the 1992 U.S. Presidential election.
vuongVuong's non-nested hypothesis test
zeroinflZero-inflated Count Data Regression
zeroinfl.controlControl Parameters for Zero-inflated Count Data Regression
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