idealToMCMC: convert an object of class ideal to a coda MCMC object

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idealToMCMCR Documentation

convert an object of class ideal to a coda MCMC object


Converts the x element of an ideal object to an MCMC object, as used in the coda package.


idealToMCMC(object, burnin=NULL)



an object of class ideal.


of the recorded MCMC samples, how many to discard as burnin? Default is NULL, in which case the value of burnin in the ideal object is used.


A mcmc object as used by the coda package, starting at iteration start, drawn from the x component of the ideal object.


When specifying a value of burnin different from that used in fitting the ideal object, note a distinction between the iteration numbers of the stored iterations, and the number of stored iterations. That is, the n-th iteration stored in an ideal object will not be iteration n if the user specified thin>1 in the call to ideal. Here, iterations are tagged with their iteration number. Thus, if the user called ideal with thin=10 and burnin=100 then the stored iterations are numbered 100, 110, 120, .... Any future subsetting via a burnin refers to this iteration number.

See Also

ideal, mcmc


f = system.file("extdata",package="pscl","id1.rda")
id1coda <- idealToMCMC(id1)

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