Man pages for psychotree
Recursive Partitioning Based on Psychometric Models

bttreeBradley-Terry Trees
CEMSChoiceCEMS University Choice Data
DIFSimArtificial Data with Differential Item Functioning
EuropeanValuesStudyEuropean Values Study
mpttreeMPT Trees
node_btplotPanel-Generating Function for Visualizing Bradley-Terry Tree...
node_mptplotPanel-Generating Function for Visualizing MPT Tree Models
node_profileplotPanel-Generating Function for Visualizing IRT Tree Models
node_regionplotPanel-Generating Function for Visualizing Rasch, Rating Scale...
pctreePartial Credit Trees
raschtreeRasch Trees
rstreeRating Scale Trees
SPISASPIEGEL Studentenpisa Data (Subsample)
Topmodel2007Attractiveness of Germany's Next Topmodels 2007
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