Topmodel2007: Attractiveness of Germany's Next Topmodels 2007

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Preferences of 192 respondents judging the attractiveness of the top six contestants of the TV show Germany's Next Topmodel 2007 (second cycle).




A data frame containing 192 observations on 6 variables.


Paired comparison of class paircomp. Preferences for all 15 paired comparisons from 6 contestants: Barbara, Anni, Hana, Fiona, Mandy, and Anja.


Factor coding gender.


Integer. Age of the respondents in years.


Factor. Do you recognize the women on the pictures?/Do you know the TV show Germany's Next Topmodel?


Factor. Did you watch Germany's Next Topmodel regularly?


Factor. Did you watch the final show of Germany's Next Topmodel?/Do you know who won Germany's Next Topmodel?


Germany's Next Topmodel is a German casting television show (based on a concept introduced in the United States) hosted by Heidi Klum (see Wikipedia 2009). The second season of the show aired March–May 2007.

A survey was conducted at the Department of Psychology, Universität Tübingen, in 2007 shortly after the final show. The sample was stratified by gender and age (younger versus older than 30 years) with 48 participants in each group.

Digital photographs (resolution 303 times 404 pixels) of the top six contestants were available from the ProSieben web page ( at the time of the survey. The photos were selected to be comparable, showing the contestant's face and the upper part of the body, all women being casually dressed.

Participants were presented with all 15 pairs of photographs. On each trial, their task was to judge which of the two women on the photos was the more attractive. In order to assess the participants' expertise, additional questions regarding their familiarity with the show were asked after the pairwise comparisons were completed.

The actual ranking, as resulting from sequential elimination during the course of the show, was (from first to sixth place): Barbara, Anni, Hana, Fiona, Mandy, Anja.


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data("Topmodel2007", package = "psychotree")
xtabs(~ gender + I(age < 30), data = Topmodel2007)

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