Man pages for psyntur
Helper Tools for Teaching Statistical Data Analysis

ansurAnthropometric data from US Army Personnel
cohen_dCohen's d and Hedges g effect size
cronbachCalculate Cronbach's alpha for sets of psychometric scale...
densityplotA density plot
describeCalculate descriptive statistics
describe_acrossApply multiple descriptive functions to multiple variables
ez_anovaAnalysis of variance
faithfulfacesFaithfulness from a Photo?
get_dummy_codeShow the dummy code of a categorical variable
histogramA histogram
interaction_line_plotMake a interaction line plot
jobsatisfactionJob Satisfaction Data for Two-Way ANOVA
pairedsleepPaired sleep data
paired_t_testPaired samples t-test
pairs_plotA pairs plot
pairwise_t_testPairwise t-test
pipePipe operator
re_codeRecode specified values by new values
scatterplotA two dimensional scatterplot
scatterplot_matrixMake a scatterplot matrix
schizophreniaAge of Onset of Schizophrenia Data
selfesteemSelf-Esteem Score Data for One-way Repeated Measures ANOVA
selfesteem2Self Esteem Score Data for Two-way Repeated Measures ANOVA
selfesteem2_longSelf Esteem Score Data for Two-way Repeated Measures ANOVA:...
shapiro_testShapiro-Wilk normality test
sum_xnaDescriptive statistics for variables with missing values
test_psychometricsPsychometrics raw data from testing or demo purposes
total_scoresCalculate the total scores from sets of scores
t_testIndependent samples t-test
tukeyboxplotA Tukey box-and-whisker plot
vizverbVisual versus Verbal Perception and Responses
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