Man pages for psyosphere
Analyse GPS Data

about_analysing_tipsGuide how to analyse GPS data
about_common_mistakesTips to prevent common mistakes
about_demosExplanation how the demo files can be accessed
about_documentationpsyosphere documentation guideline
about_functionspsyosphere functions guideline
apply_shiftCopy columns and offset the index of the copied column
apply_tracksRun function on each track in a psyo data frame
average_coordinatesCalculates the mean position of coordinates within a time...
average_duplicatesCorrect coordinates with the same time
des_duplicatesCount duplicates within each track
des_firstGet first value within each track
des_lastGet last value within each track
des_lengthGet the number of coordinates within each track
des_maxGet the highest value within each track
des_meanCalculate normal and weighted means while excluding gaps in...
des_minGet the lowest value within each track
des_sdCalculate normal and weighted sds while excluding gaps in...
des_sumCalculates sum for each track
des_summaryCreates a data frame with a summary of descriptive...
dir_add_csvBind CSV data to data frame
dir_get_gpxRead GPX files from directory into data frame.
distance_lineAdd shortest distance to a line
distance_peersAdd distance to peers
distance_pointAdd the distances to a point from each coordinate
distance_psyoAdd distance to another track in psyo format
distance_to_direct_lineAdd deviation from shortest route from begin of track to a...
export_gpxExport tracks as gpx files
export_kmlExport tracks as kml files
mark_gap_segmentsAdding column with segment names between gaps
mark_inside_polygonMark coordinates within a polygon
mark_speed_gapsMark speeds that exceed a certain speed limit as gaps
mark_time_gapsMark segments between data gaps
plot_linePlot line on map
plot_mapGet a Google map
plot_polygonPlot polygon on map
plot_tracksPlot tracks on a map
psyoExample how data should be formatted.
psyo_geomeanExample data to demonstrate the geomean function
psyo_roundsGPS example of walking in circles
psyo_rounds2GPS example with 3 selected rounds
psyo_rounds_mapMap for data psyo_rounds and psyo_rounds2
psyosphere-packagepsyosphere details
select_between_polygonsSelect tracks between two polygons.
select_gapsSelect all coordinates with a gap
select_test_sampleSelect a sample from each track
select_without_gapsSelect all coordinates without gap
t_bearingAdd bearings
t_distanceAdd distance to next coordinate
t_speedAdd speed
t_time_differenceAdd time difference column for weighted statistics
val_cnameValidate the column name of a data frame
val_psyoValidate psyo format
val_varValidate variables
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