Man pages for psyphy
Functions for Analyzing Psychophysical Data in R

dprime.ABXd' for ABX Paradigm
dprime.mAFCd' for m-alternative Forced-choice
dprime.oddityd' for 3 Stimulus Oddity Paradigm
dprime.SDd' for Same-different Paradigm
ecc24-afc Detection and Identification of Letters
glm.lambdamafc Probit Fit to Psychometric Function Profiled on Upper...
glm.WHmafc Probit Fit to Psychometric Function with Upper Asymptote...
logit.2asymLinks for Binomial Family with Variable Upper/Lower...
mafcLinks for Binomial Family for m-alternative Forced-choice
probit.lambdamafc Probit Link for Binomial Family with Upper Asymptote < 1
psyfun.2asymFit Psychometric Functions and Upper and Lower Asymptotes
psyphy-packageFunctions for analyzing psychophysical functions
RGBLuminance Calibration Data from Video Projector
SS.RGBcalibSelf-Start Functions for Fitting Luminance vs Grey Level...
summary.lambdaSummary Method for Objects of Class 'lambda'
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