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Bayesian Meta-Analysis with Publications Bias and P-Hacking

add_elementsAdds named elements to a list when they are not there...
alist2Make lazy list from arguments.
argumentsGet arguments of the calling function.
dat.anderson2010Studies on Effect of Violent Video Games on Negative Outcomes
dat.baskerville2012Studies on Practice Facilitation
dat.cuddy2018Studies on the Effect of Power Posing
dat.dang2018Meta-analysis on Ego Depletion
dat.motyl2017Effect Sizes from 875 Studies in Psychology.
do_callVariant of do call with that preserves argument names.
ExtractParametersExtract Parameters from an 'mafit' Object
loo-mafit-methodCalculate the 'loo' for an 'ma' object.
maMeta-analysis Correcting for Publication Bias or p-hacking
mafit-classClass 'mafit': Fitted Meta-analysis Model
mpsnormMarginal Publication Selection Meta-analysis Model
normalizing_constantNormalizing Constants for the Publication Selection...
phnormp-hacking Meta-analysis Model
psnormPublication Selection Meta-analysis Model
publipha-packageThe 'publipha' package.
snormSelected Normal Effect Size Distribution
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