pushoverr: Send Push Notifications using Pushover

Send push notifications to mobile devices or the desktop using Pushover. These notifications can display job status, results, scraped web data, or any other text or numeric data.

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AuthorBrian Connelly [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-11-23 09:38:52
MaintainerBrian Connelly <bdc@bconnelly.net>
LicenseBSD_2_clause + file LICENSE

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cancel_receipt Man page
cancel_retries Man page
check_receipt Man page
get_devices Man page
get_group_info Man page
get_pushover_app Man page
get_pushover_group Man page
get_pushover_limits Man page
get_pushover_sounds Man page
get_pushover_user Man page
group_add_user Man page
group_delete_user Man page
group_disable_user Man page
group_enable_user Man page
group_rename Man page
group_subscription Man page
is.acknowledged Man page
is.device Man page
is.pushover_sound Man page
is.registered_group Man page
is.registered_user Man page
is.valid_app Man page
is.valid_device Man page
is.valid_group Man page
is.valid_key Man page
is.valid_receipt Man page
is.valid_token Man page
is.valid_user Man page
pushover Man page
pushover_api Man page
pushover_app.isset Man page
pushover_emergency Man page
pushover_high Man page
pushover_normal Man page
pushover_quiet Man page
pushoverr Man page
pushoverr-package Man page
pushover_silent Man page
pushover_user.isset Man page
set_pushover_app Man page
set_pushover_group Man page
set_pushover_user Man page
stop_for_pushover_status Man page
unset_pushover_app Man page
unset_pushover_group Man page
unset_pushover_user Man page
update_glance Man page
validate_key Man page
verify_group Man page
verify_user Man page

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