Man pages for pushoverr
Send Push Notifications using Pushover

cancel_retriesCancel retries for an emergency priority notification
check_receiptCheck whether an emergency priority message was received
get_devicesGet a list of the user's registered devices
get_group_infoGet information about a Pushover group
get_pushover_limitsGet usage and limit information for Pushover applications
get_pushover_soundsGet a list of sounds available for Pushover notifications
group_renameRename a delivery group
group_subscriptionManage group subscriptions
is.pushover_soundTest whether the given sound is supported for Pushover...
is.valid_appDetermine whether or not a given application token is valid
is.valid_deviceDetermine whether or not a given device name is valid
is.valid_receiptDetermine whether or not a given message receipt is valid
is.valid_userDetermine whether a user or group key is valid
pushoverSend a message using Pushover
pushover_apiIssue a command using the Pushover API
pushoverrpushoverr: Send push notifications using Pushover
set_pushover_appSet, get, and unset the Pushover application token
set_pushover_userSet, get, and unset the Pushover user/group key
stop_for_pushover_statusRaise an Error if Pushover Request Failed
update_glanceUpdate a Pushover glance data
verify_userUser and group verification
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