Man pages for pwrFDR
FDR Power

Ch01-pwrFDRPower in the BH-FDR procedure.
Ch02-controlFDFCalculates a reduced FDR required to control the FDF
Ch03-distsThe Distribution family object
Ch04-detailThe detail extraction function for simulated power objects
Ch05-cCDF.SoMComplementary CDF for the True Positive Fraction
Ch06-cCDF.ToJComplementary CDF for the False Discovery Fraction
Ch07-CDF.PvalCDF of pooled (H0 and HA) population p-values
Ch08-CDF.Pval.HACDF of p-values for test statistics distribted under HA.
Ch09-var.J.o.rtmCalculates asymptotic variance of significant call fraction,...
Ch10-var.rtm.SoMCalculates asymptotic variance of true positive fraction,...
Ch11-var.rtm.ToJCalculates asymptotic variance of false discovery fraction,...
Ch12-logitComputes the logit transform
Ch13-logitInvComputes the inverse logit transform
Ch14-overDivision operator with divide by zero clobbering
Ch15-concatThe paste operator
Ch16-gentempfilenmGenerate a tempfile name
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