qcr: Quality Control Review

Allows to generate Shewhart-type charts and to obtain numerical results of interest for a process quality control (involving continuous, attribute or count data). This package provides basic functionality for univariable and multivariable quality control analysis, including: xbar, xbar-one, S, R, ewna, cusum, mewna, mcusum and T2 charts. Additionally have nonparametric control charts multivariate. Parametric and nonparametric Process Capability Indices.

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AuthorMiguel Flores [aut, cre], Ruben Fernandez [ctb], Salvador Naya [ctb], Javier Tarrio-Saavedra [ctb]
Date of publication2016-07-20 01:09:46
MaintainerMiguel Flores <ma.flores@outlook.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

archery1: Target archery dataset in the ranking round (used as Phase I)

circuit: Circuit boards data

counters: The performance of the counters data

dowel1: Dowel pin dataset

employment: Level of employment data

mqcd: It creates a data object to be used in Multivariante Quality...

mqcs: It computes statistics to be used in Multivariante Quality...

mqcs.add: mqcs.add Add a matrix, data.frame or array object with a mqcs...

mqcs.mcusum: Function to plot mcusum chart

mqcs.mewma: Function to plot mewma chart

mqcs.t2: Function to plot t2 Hotelling chart

mstate.control: Multivariate process state

npqcd: It creates a data object for Non Parametric Quality Control

npqcs: Statistical Quality Control Object

npqcs.add: npqcs.add Add a matrix, data.frame or array object with a...

npqcs.Q: Function to plot the Q chart

npqcs.r: Function to plot the r chart

npqcs.S: Function to plot the S chart

npstate.control: non parametric process state

orangejuice: Orange juice data

oxidation: Oxidation Onset Temperature

pcmanufact: Personal computer manufacturer data

pistonrings: Piston rings data

plates: Vickers hardness data

plot.mqcs: Plot method for 'mqcs' objects

plot.npqcs: Plot method for 'npqcs' objects

plot.qcs: function to create a plotting 'qcs' object

presion: Level of presion data

qcd: Quality Control Data

qcr: Quality Control Review

qcs: Quality Control Statistics

qcs.add: qcs.add Add a data.frame object with a qcs object

qcs.c: Function to plot Shewhart c chart

qcs.ca: Capability Analysis

qcs.cp: Process capability indices (parametric)

qcs.cpn: ##' Process capability indices (Nonparametric)

qcs.cusum: Function to plot the cusum chart

qcs.ewma: Function to plot ewma chart

qcs.hat.cpm: Process capability indice (estimate cpm)

qcs.np: Function to plot Shewhart np chart

qcs.one: Function to plot the Shewhart xbar.one chart

qcs.p: Function to plot Shewhart xbar chart

qcs.pcr: Process capability indices for a given dataset and...

qcs.R: Function to plot Shewhart R chart

qcs.S: Function to plot Shewhart S chart

qcs.u: Function to plot Shewhart u chart

qcs.xbar: Function to plot the Shewhart xbar chart

state.control: Univariante process state


archery1 Man page
circuit Man page
counters Man page
dowel1 Man page
employment Man page
mqcd Man page
mqcs Man page
mqcs.add Man page
mqcs.add.default Man page
mqcs.mcusum Man page
mqcs.mcusum.default Man page
mqcs.mcusum.mqcd Man page
mqcs.mewma Man page
mqcs.mewma.default Man page
mqcs.mewma.mqcd Man page
mqcs.t2 Man page
mqcs.t2.default Man page
mqcs.t2.mqcd Man page
mstate.control Man page
npqcd Man page
npqcs Man page
npqcs.add Man page
npqcs.add.default Man page
npqcs.Q Man page
npqcs.Q.default Man page
npqcs.Q.npqcd Man page
npqcs.r Man page
npqcs.r.default Man page
npqcs.r.npqcd Man page
npqcs.S Man page
npqcs.S.default Man page
npqcs.S.npqcd Man page
npstate.control Man page
orangejuice Man page
oxidation Man page
pcmanufact Man page
pistonrings Man page
plates Man page
plot.mqcs Man page
plot.mqcs.mcusum Man page
plot.mqcs.mewma Man page
plot.mqcs.t2 Man page
plot.npqcs Man page
plot.npqcs.Q Man page
plot.npqcs.r Man page
plot.npqcs.S Man page
plot.qcs Man page
plot.qcs.c Man page
plot.qcs.cusum Man page
plot.qcs.ewma Man page
plot.qcs.np Man page
plot.qcs.one Man page
plot.qcs.p Man page
plot.qcs.R Man page
plot.qcs.S Man page
plot.qcs.u Man page
plot.qcs.xbar Man page
presion Man page
print.mqcs Man page
print.npqcs Man page
print.qcs Man page
qcd Man page
qcr Man page
qcr-package Man page
qcs Man page
qcs.add Man page
qcs.add.default Man page
qcs.atributte Man page
qcs.c Man page
qcs.ca Man page
qcs.c.default Man page
qcs.continuous Man page
qcs.cp Man page
qcs.cpn Man page
qcs.c.qcd Man page
qcs.cusum Man page
qcs.cusum.default Man page
qcs.cusum.qcd Man page
qcs.dependence Man page
qcs.ewma Man page
qcs.ewma.default Man page
qcs.ewma.qcd Man page
qcs.hat.cpm Man page
qcs.np Man page
qcs.np.default Man page
qcs.np.qcd Man page
qcs.one Man page
qcs.one.default Man page
qcs.one.qcd Man page
qcs.p Man page
qcs.pcr Man page
qcs.p.default Man page
qcs.p.qcd Man page
qcs.R Man page
qcs.R.default Man page
qcs.R.qcd Man page
qcs.S Man page
qcs.S.default Man page
qcs.S.qcd Man page
qcs.u Man page
qcs.u.default Man page
qcs.u.qcd Man page
qcs.xbar Man page
qcs.xbar.default Man page
qcs.xbar.qcd Man page
state.control Man page
summary.mqcs Man page
summary.npqcs Man page
summary.qcs Man page

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