Man pages for qcr
Quality Control Review

archery1Target archery dataset in the ranking round (used as Phase I)
circuitCircuit boards data
countersThe performance of the counters data
dowel1Dowel pin dataset
employmentLevel of employment data
mqcdIt creates a data object to be used in Multivariante Quality...
mqcsIt computes statistics to be used in Multivariante Quality...
mqcs.addmqcs.add Add a matrix, data.frame or array object with a mqcs...
mqcs.mcusumFunction to plot mcusum chart
mqcs.mewmaFunction to plot mewma chart
mqcs.t2Function to plot t2 Hotelling chart
mstate.controlMultivariate process state
npqcdIt creates a data object for Non Parametric Quality Control
npqcsStatistical Quality Control Object
npqcs.addnpqcs.add Add a matrix, data.frame or array object with a...
npqcs.QFunction to plot the Q chart
npqcs.rFunction to plot the r chart
npqcs.SFunction to plot the S chart
npstate.controlnon parametric process state
orangejuiceOrange juice data
oxidationOxidation Onset Temperature
pcmanufactPersonal computer manufacturer data
pistonringsPiston rings data
platesVickers hardness data
plot.mqcsPlot method for 'mqcs' objects
plot.npqcsPlot method for 'npqcs' objects
plot.qcsfunction to create a plotting 'qcs' object
presionLevel of presion data
qcdQuality Control Data
qcrQuality Control Review
qcsQuality Control Statistics
qcs.addqcs.add Add a data.frame object with a qcs object
qcs.cFunction to plot Shewhart c chart
qcs.caCapability Analysis
qcs.cpProcess capability indices (parametric)
qcs.cpn##' Process capability indices (Nonparametric)
qcs.cusumFunction to plot the cusum chart
qcs.ewmaFunction to plot ewma chart
qcs.hat.cpmProcess capability indice (estimate cpm)
qcs.npFunction to plot Shewhart np chart
qcs.oneFunction to plot the Shewhart chart
qcs.pFunction to plot Shewhart xbar chart
qcs.pcrProcess capability indices for a given dataset and...
qcs.RFunction to plot Shewhart R chart
qcs.SFunction to plot Shewhart S chart
qcs.uFunction to plot Shewhart u chart
qcs.xbarFunction to plot the Shewhart xbar chart
state.controlUnivariante process state
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