Man pages for qdapDictionaries
Dictionaries and Word Lists for the 'qdap' Package

abbreviationsSmall Abbreviations Data Set
action.verbsAction Word List
adverbAdverb Word List
amplification.wordsAmplifying Words
BuckleySaltonSWLBuckley & Salton Stopword List
contractionsContraction Conversions
deamplification.wordsDe-amplifying Words
DICTIONARYNettalk Corpus Syllable Data Set
discourse.markers.alemanyAlemany's Discourse Markers
DolchDolch List of 220 Common Words
emoticonEmoticons Data Set
Fry_1000Fry's 1000 Most Commonly Used English Words
function.wordsFunction Words
GradyAugmentedAugmented List of Grady Ward's English Words and Mark...
key.polPolarity Lookup Key
key.powerPower Lookup Key
key.strengthStrength Lookup Key
key.sylSyllable Lookup Key
key.synSynonym Lookup Key
labMTLanguage Assessment by Mechanical Turk (labMT) Sentiment...
Leveled_DolchLeveled Dolch List of 220 Common Words
NAMESFirst Names and Gender (U.S.)
NAMES_LISTFirst Names and Predictive Gender (U.S.) List
NAMES_SEXFirst Names and Predictive Gender (U.S.)
negation.wordsNegating Words
negative.wordsNegative Words
OnixTxtRetToolkitSWL1Onix Text Retrieval Toolkit Stopword List 1
positive.wordsPositive Words
power.wordsWords that Indicate Power
prepositionPreposition Words
print.view_dataPrints a view_data Object
strong.wordsWords that Indicate Strength
submit.wordsWords that Indicate Submission
Top100WordsFry's 100 Most Commonly Used English Words
Top200WordsFry's 200 Most Commonly Used English Words
Top25WordsFry's 25 Most Commonly Used English Words
view_dataList all data sets available in a 'qdapDictionaries'
weak.wordsWords that Indicate Weakness
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