view_data: List all data sets available in a 'qdapDictionaries'

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Lists and describes all the data sets available in qdapDictionaries.


view_data(package = "qdapDictionaries")



The name of the package.


Returns the data sets of qdapDictionaries as a dataframe.

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Example output

   Item                      Title                                                                        
1  BuckleySaltonSWL          Buckley & Salton Stopword List                                               
2  DICTIONARY                Nettalk Corpus Syllable Data Set                                             
3  Dolch                     Dolch List of 220 Common Words                                               
4  Fry_1000                  Fry's 1000 Most Commonly Used English Words                                  
5  GradyAugmented            Augmented List of Grady Ward's English Words and Mark Kantrowitz's Names List
6  Leveled_Dolch             Leveled Dolch List of 220 Common Words                                       
7  NAMES                     First Names and Gender (U.S.)                                                
8  NAMES_LIST                First Names and Predictive Gender (U.S.) List                                
9  NAMES_SEX                 First Names and Predictive Gender (U.S.)                                     
10 OnixTxtRetToolkitSWL1     Onix Text Retrieval Toolkit Stopword List 1                                  
11 Top100Words               Fry's 100 Most Commonly Used English Words                                   
12 Top200Words               Fry's 200 Most Commonly Used English Words                                   
13 Top25Words                Fry's 25 Most Commonly Used English Words                                    
14 abbreviations             Small Abbreviations Data Set                                                 
15 action.verbs              Action Word List                                                             
16 adverb                    Adverb Word List                                                             
17 amplification.words       Amplifying Words                                                             
18 contractions              Contraction Conversions                                                      
19 deamplification.words     De-amplifying Words                                                          
20 discourse.markers.alemany Alemany's Discourse Markers                                                  
21 emoticon                  Emoticons Data Set                                                           
22 function.words            Function Words                                                               
23 interjections             Interjections                                                                
24 key.pol                   Polarity Lookup Key                                                          
25 key.power                 Power Lookup Key                                                             
26 key.strength              Strength Lookup Key                                                          
27 key.syl                   Syllable Lookup Key                                                          
28 key.syn                   Synonym Lookup Key                                                           
29 labMT                     Language Assessment by Mechanical Turk (labMT) Sentiment Words               
30 negation.words            Negating Words                                                               
31 negative.words            Negative Words                                                               
32 positive.words            Positive Words                                                               
33 power.words               Words that Indicate Power                                                    
34 preposition               Preposition Words                                                            
35 strong.words              Words that Indicate Strength                                                 
36 submit.words              Words that Indicate Submission                                               
37 weak.words                Words that Indicate Weakness                                                 

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