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Statistical Transformations for Post-Processing Climate Model Output

bernexpThe Bernoulli-Exponential distribution
berngammaThe Bernoulli-Gamma distribution
bernlnormThe Bernoulli-Log-Normal distribution
bernweibullThe Bernoulli-Weibull distribution
fitqmapQuantile mapping
fitqmapdistQuantile mapping using distribution derived transformations
fitqmapptfQuantile mapping using parametric transformations
fitqmapquantNon-parametric quantile mapping using empirical quantiles.
fitqmaprquantNon-parametric quantile mapping using robust empirical...
fitqmapssplinQuantile mapping using a smoothing spline
obsprecipDaily precipitation data at three locations in Norway.
qmap-packageStatistical Transformations for Post-Processing Climate Model...
startbernexpRough parameter estimate for the Bernoulli-Exponential...
startberngammaRough parameter estimate for the Bernoulli-Gamma distribution
startbernlnormRough parameter estimate for the Bernoulli-Log-Normal...
startbernweibullRough parameter estimate for the Bernoulli-Weibull...
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