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Empirical adjustment (bias correction) of variables originating from (regional) climate model simulations using quantile mapping. The workhorse functions of this package are fitQmap and doQmap which offer an easy to use interface to different statistical transformations, also referred to as quantile mapping methods.


Package: qmap
Type: Package
Version: 1.0-4
Date: 2016-05-03
License: GPL >= 2
LazyLoad: yes


Lukas Gudmundsson


Gudmundsson, L.; Bremnes, J. B.; Haugen, J. E. & Engen-Skaugen, T. Technical Note: Downscaling RCM precipitation to the station scale using statistical transformations - a comparison of methods. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2012, 16, 3383-3390, doi:10.5194/hess-16-3383-2012.

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