Man pages for qrcode
Generate QRcodes with R

add_logoAdd a logo to a QR code
as.character.bitsConvert a bits object into a character string
bitsCreate a bits object
bits2intConvert a bits object to an integer and vice versa
c.bitsCombine bits
coordinatesExtract coordinates from a QR code object.
generate_svgGenerate the QR code as an svg file
plot.qr_codePlot the QR code This function plots to QR code to the open...
print.bitsPrint a bits vector Display the logical vector as a bit...
print.qr_codePrint the qr_code object
qr_codeGenerate the QR code
qr_encodeCreate the bit encoding
qr_errorCreate the message and error code bit string
qr_eventGenerate a QR code for an event
qr_matrixPrepare matrices with default patterns and unmasked data A...
qr_modeDetermine the required mode
qr_versionDetermine the required version Returns a list with the...
qr_wifiGenerate QR code with wifi login information
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