Man pages for qrnn
Quantile Regression Neural Network

censored.meanA hybrid mean/median function for left censored variables
composite.stackReformat data matrices for composite quantile regression
dummy.codeConvert a factor to a matrix of dummy codes
gam.styleModified generalized additive model plots for interpreting...
huberHuber norm and Huber approximations to the ramp and tilted...
mcqrnnMonotone composite quantile regression neural network...
qrnn2Fit and make predictions from QRNN models with two hidden...
qrnn.costSmooth approximation to the tilted absolute value cost...
qrnn.fitMain function used to fit a QRNN model or ensemble of QRNN...
qrnn.initializeInitialize a QRNN weight vector
qrnn-packageQuantile Regression Neural Network
qrnn.predictEvaluate quantiles from trained QRNN model
qrnn-rbfRadial basis function kernel
quantile.dtnInterpolated quantile distribution with exponential tails
tilted.absTilted absolute value function
transferTransfer functions and their derivatives
YVRprecipDaily precipitation data at Vancouver Int'l Airport (YVR)
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