multitrait: Example Cross object from R/QTL with multiple traits

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Cross object from R/QTL, an object of class cross from R/QTL. See read.cross for details.




Cross object from R/QTL


Arabidopsis recombinant inbred lines by selfing. There are 162 lines, 24 phenotypes, and 117 markers on 5 chromosomes.


Part of the Arabidopsis RIL selfing experiment with Landsberg erecta (Ler) and Cape Verde Islands (Cvi) with 162 individuals scored (with errors at) 117 markers. Dataset obtained from GBIC - Groningen BioInformatics Centre


  • Keurentjes, J. J. and Fu, J. and de Vos, C. H. and Lommen, A. and Hall, R. D. and Bino, R. J. and van der Plas, L. H. and Jansen, R. C. and Vreugdenhil, D. and Koornneef, M. (2006), The genetics of plant metabolism. Nature Genetics. 38-7, 842–849.

  • Alonso-Blanco, C. and Peeters, A. J. and Koornneef, M. and Lister, C. and Dean, C. and van den Bosch, N. and Pot, J. and Kuiper, M. T. (1998), Development of an AFLP based linkage map of Ler, Col and Cvi Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes and construction of a Ler/Cvi recombinant inbred line population

. Plant J. 14(2), 259–271.


data(multitrait)					# Load dataset
multitrait <- fill.geno(multitrait)                     # impute missing genotype data

result <- mqmscanall(multitrait, logtransform=TRUE)	# Analyse all 24 traits

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