Man pages for qtlhot
Inference for QTL Hotspots

add.phenosAdd phenotypes to cross object.
CMSTtestsPerform CMST Tests on cross object
filter.thresholdSummary of threshold results
GetCandRegGet genetic information on candidate regulators and...
GetCommonQtlsGet common QTLs for phenotypes
highlodPull high LOD values with chr and pos.
hotpermConduct NL and N permutation tests
hotsizeHotspot size routines.
parallel.qtlhotCode for parallelizing R/qtlhot.
PrecTpFpMatrixDetermine false positive and true positive rates for known...
SimCrossCausalSimulate Cross for Causal Tests
sim.hotspotWrapper routine for simulations.
westwuConduct West-Wu (Q) permutation tests
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