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Statistical Methods for Quality Science

adSimBootstrap-based Anderson-Darling Test for Univariate...
aliasTableDisplay an alias table to a data.frame to a data.frame to a data.frame for Function in Package base the object of class mixDesign to a data.frame to a data.frame to a data.frame to a data.frame to a data.frame
averagePlotFunction to create average Plots
averagePlot-methodsMethods for Function averagePlot
blockGen-methodsGet and set methods
block-methodsGet and set methods
centerCube-methodsGet and set methods
centerStar-methodsGet and set methods
cgFunction to calculate and visualize the gage capability.
compPlotFunction to create comparison Plots
compPlot-methodsMethods for Function compPlot
confoundsConfounded Effects
contourPlotContour Plot
contourPlot3function to create a ternary plot (contour plot) for an...
cpProcess Capability Indices
cube-methodsGet and set methods
desirabilityDesirability Function
desirability-classClass "desirability"
desires-methodsGet and set methods
desOpt-classClass "desOpt"
dgamma3The gamma Distribution (3 Parameter)
distr-classClass "distr"
distrCollection-classClass "distrCollection"
dlnorm3The Lognormal Distribution (3 Parameter)
doeFactor-classClass "doeFactor"
dotPlotFunction to create a dot plot
dweibull3The Weibull Distribution (3 Parameter)
effectPlotMain Effect Plots
effectPlot-methodsMethods for Function effectPlot
errorPlotFunction to create error Charts
errorPlot-methodsMethods for Function errorPlot
facDesign-classClass "facDesign"
factors-methodsGet and set methods
fits-methodsGet and set methods
fracChooseChoosing a fractional or full factorial design from a table.
gageLinFunction to visualize and calucalte the linearity of a gage.
gageLinDesignFunction to create a object of class MSALinearity.
gageRRGage R&R - Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility
gageRR-classClass "gageRR"
gageRRDesignGage R&R - Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility
highs-methodsGet and set methods
identity-methodsGet method
lows-methodsGet and set methods
mixDesignMixture Designs
mixDesign-classClass "mixDesign"
MSALinearity-classClass '"MSALinearity"'
names-methodsMethods for function names in Package 'base'
ncol-methodsGet method
normalPlotNormal plot
nrow-methodsGet method
oaChooseTaguchi Designs
optimumOptimal factor settings
overallOverall Desirability
paretoChartPareto Chart
pbDesignPlackett-Burman Designs
pbDesign-classClass "pbDesign"
pbFactor-classClass "pbFactor"
pcrProcess Capability Indices
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot in Package 'graphics'
ppPlotProbability Plots for various distributions
print.adtestTest Statistics
print.invisiblePrint Function
qqPlotQuantile-Quantile Plots for various distributions
qualityTools-packageStatistical Methods for Quality Sciences
response-methodsGet and set methods
rsmChooseChoosing a response surface design from a table
rsmDesignGenerate a response surface design (i.e. central composite...
runOrd-methodsGet and set methods
selection-methodsMethods for Function [ in Package base
sigma-methodsGet and set methods
simProcSimulated Process
snPlotSignal-to-Noise-Ratio Plots
standOrd-methodsGet and set method
starDesignAxial Design
star-methodsGet and set methods
steepAscentSteepest Ascent
steepAscent-classClass "steepAscent"
summaryFitsFit Summary
summary-methodsMethods for Function summary in Package base
taguchiChooseTaguchi Designs
taguchiDesignTaguchi Designs
taguchiDesign-classClass "taguchiDesign"
taguchiFactor-classClass "taguchiFactor"
tolerance-methodsGet and set methods
types-methodsGet and set methods
units-methodsGet and set methods
values-methodsGet and Set methods
whiskersPlotFunction to create Whiskers Charts
whiskersPlot-methodsMethods for Function whiskersPlot
wirePlot3D Plot
wirePlot3function to create a ternary plot (3D wire plot) for an...
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