ClippedFT-class: Class for Fourier transform of the clipped time series.

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ClippedFT is an S4 class that implements the necessary calculations to determine the Fourier transform of the clipped time series. As a subclass to FreqRep it inherits slots and methods defined there; it servers as a frequency representation of a time series as described in Kley et. al (2016) for univariate time series and in Barunik & Kley (2015) for multivariate time series.


For each frequency ω from frequencies and level q from levels the statistic

∑_{t=0}^{n-1} I\{Y_{t,i} ≤q q\} \mbox{e}^{-\mbox{i} ω t}

is determined and stored to the array values. Internally the methods mvfft and fft are used to achieve good performance.

Note that, all remarks made in the documentation of the super-class FreqRep apply.


Kley, T., Volgushev, S., Dette, H. & Hallin, M. (2016). Quantile Spectral Processes: Asymptotic Analysis and Inference. Bernoulli, 22(3), 1770–1807. [cf.]

Barunik, J. & Kley, T. (2015). Quantile Cross-Spectral Measures of Dependence between Economic Variables. [preprint available from the authors]

See Also

For an example see FreqRep.

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