Man pages for quarks
Simple Methods for Calculating and Backtesting Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall

cvgtestUnconditional and Conditional Coverage Tests, Independence...
DAXGerman Stock Market Index (DAX) Financial Time Series Data
DJIDow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) Financial Time Series Data
ewmaExponentially weighted moving average
fhsFiltered historical simulation
FTSE100Financial Times Stock Exchange Index (FTSE) Financial Time...
hsNonparametric calculation of univariate Value at Risk and...
HSIHang Seng Index (HSI) Financial Time Series Data
lossfunLoss Functions
NIK225Nikkei Heikin Kabuka Index (NIK) Financial Time Series Data
plopProfit & Loss operator function
plot.quarksPlot Method for the Package 'quarks'
print.quarksPrint Method for the Package 'quarks'
rollcastRolling one-step ahead forecasts of Value at Risk and...
runFTSdataApplication for downloading data from Yahoo Finance
SP500Standard and Poor's (SP500) Financial Time Series Data
trftestBacktesting of Value-at-Risk via Traffic Light Test
vwhsVolatility weighted historical simulation
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