Man pages for quhomology
Calculation of Homology of Quandles, Racks, Biquandles and Biracks

all_combinationsCalculating all possible permutations
boundary_matrixThis function calculates a boundary matrix.
boundary_matrix_degenerateCalculation of boundary matrix for degenerate Homology.
boundary_namesCalculation of boundary elements for quandle and rack...
boundary_names_degenerateCalculation of degenerate boundary elements for boundary...
check_fCheck if the function is bijective
check_more_pushHelper function for Smith Normal Form calculation.
check_permutationsCheck if Switch is bijective.
check_YBCheck Young Baxter Equation
degenerate_homologyCalculates the degenerate Homology for a rack/birack.
down_actionThe down action for a birack or biquandle.
find_S_resultCalculate the Switch
findXCalculate the left row action matrix to turn a matrix into...
GaussianEliminationCalculation of Gaussian Form of a matrix.
homologyCalculation of quandle and rack homology groups of a rack /...
matrix_rankCalculates the rank of a matrix.
output_resultsFunction that prints the calculated homology group to the...
push_downHelper Function for Smith Normal Form calculation.
quhomology-packageCalculation of Homology groups of a rack/birack
row_spaceRow Space of a Matrix.
rrefReduced Row Echelon Form of a matrix
smithSmith Normal Form of a matrix.
S_testTesting of possible quandle/biquandle actions
up_actionThe up action for a birack or biquandle.
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