amCharts Animate

Version: 1.1.2


Smoothly animates the dataProvider

It works with serial, pie, XY, funnel, and radar.

Here are some examples:

Serial chart (line)

Serial chart (column)

Pie chart

XY chart

Funnel chart

Radar chart


Include animate.min.js on your web page:

<script src="//"></script>


Rather than using chart.validateData, instead use chart.animateData:

chart.animateData(newData, { duration: 1000 });

It will now smoothly animate from the old data to the new data.

The first argument is the new dataProvider for the chart.

The second argument is an object that can contain the following options:

The new dataProvider must be different from the old dataProvider

If you want to modify the existing dataProvider, you must create a deep copy:

// Creates a deep copy of the old dataProvider
var newDataProvider = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(chart.dataProvider));

// Adds new data to the new dataProvider
newDataProvider.push({ category: "foo", value: 10 });

// Mutates the data in the new dataProvider
newDataProvider[0].value = 50;

// Animates with the new dataProvider
chart.animateData(newDataProvider, { duration: 1000 });


All software included in this collection is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

This basically means you're free to use or modify it, even make your own versions or completely different products out of them.

Please see attached file "license.txt" for the complete license or online here:

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