API for rAverage
Parameter Estimation for the Averaging Model of Information Integration Theory

Global functions
.onAttach Source code
.onLoad Source code
AIC Man page
AIC,rav-method Man page
BIC Man page
BIC,rav-method Man page
Residual Source code
Residual.eq Source code
Residual.null Source code
averaging Source code
coef Man page
coef,rav-method Man page
combin Source code
data.names Source code
datgen Man page Source code
design.grid Source code
fit.indices Source code
fitted Man page
fitted,rav-method Man page
fixparam Source code
fmdata1 Man page
fmdata2 Man page
fmdata3 Man page
indices-class Man page
numpar Source code
optimization.IC Source code
outlier.replace Man page Source code
pargen Man page Source code
parmeanlast Source code
pasta Man page
rAverage Man page
rav Man page Source code
rav-class Man page
rav.cmd Source code
rav.grid Man page Source code
rav.indices Man page Source code
rav.single Man page Source code
rav2file Man page Source code
residuals Man page
residuals,rav-method Man page
respdim Source code
show,indices-method Man page
show,rav-method Man page
standardized Source code
summary,rav-method Man page
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