Man pages for rAverage
Parameter Estimation for the Averaging Model of Information Integration Theory

AICInformation Criteria for averaging models
coefExtract coefficients from an averaging model
datgenGenerating Noisy Responses for an Averaging Model
fittedExtract fitted values from an averaging model
fmdata1rAverage dataset examples
outlier.replaceOutlier detection and substitution
pargenGenerating random parameters for averaging responses
pastaPasta experiment
ravAnalyzing the Family of the Averaging Models
rav2fileExport 'rav' results
rAverage-packageParameter estimation for the averaging model of Information...
rav.gridGenerating an empty dataset in 'rav' format
rav.indicesFit indices for averaging models
rav.singleSingle subject analysis with averaging models
residualsExtract residuals from an averaging model
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