rHpcc: Interface between HPCC and R

rHpcc is an R package providing an Interface between R and HPCC.Familiarity with ECL (Enterprise Control Language) is a must to use this package.HPCC is a massive parallel-processing computing platform that solves Big Data problems.ECL is the Enterprise Control Language designed specifically for huge data projects using the HPCC platform.Its extreme scalability comes from a design that allows you to leverage every query you create for re-use in subsequent queries as needed. To do this, ECL takes a dictionary approach to building queries wherein each ECL definition defines an Attribute. Each previously defined Attribute can then be used in succeeding ECL Attribute definitions as the language extends itself as you use it.

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AuthorDinesh Shetye
Date of publication2012-08-14 07:31:57
MaintainerDinesh Shetye <dinesh.shetye@lexisnexis.com>

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Man pages

ECL: The base class that generates the ECL(Enterprise Control...

ECL-class: Class '"ECL"'

ECLDataset: Creates a DATASET definition. The DATASET declaration defines...

ECLDataset-class: Class '"ECLDataset"'

ECLDedUp: Creates an ECL "DEDUP" definition.

ECLDedUp-class: Class '"ECLDedUp"'

eclDirectCall: Executes the ECL code on the cluster specified and returns...

ECLDistribute: Creates an ECL "DISTRIBUTE" definition.

ECLDistribute-class: Class '"ECLDistribute"'

ECLIterate: Creates an ECL "ITERATE" definition.

ECLIterate-class: Class '"ECLIterate"'

ECLJoin: Creates an ECL "JOIN" definition.

ECLJoin-class: Class '"ECLJoin"'

ECLOutput: Creates a ECL action "Output".

ECLOutput-class: Class '"ECLOutput"'

ECLProject: Creates an ECL "PROJECT" definition.

ECLProject-class: Class '"ECLProject"'

ECLRecord: Creates an ECL "Record Set" definition.

ECLRecord-class: Class '"ECLRecord"'

ECLRollUp: Creates an ECL "ROLLUP" definition.

ECLRollUp-class: Class '"ECLRollUp"'

ECLSort: Creates an ECL "SORT" definition.

ECLSort-class: Class '"ECLSort"'

ECLTable: Creates an ECL "TABLE" definition.

ECLTable-class: Class '"ECLTable"'

ECLTOPN: Returns the first count number of records in the sorts order...

ECLTOPN-class: Class '"ECLTOPN"'

ECLTransform: Creates an ECL "TRANSFORM" definition.

ECLTransform-class: Class '"ECLTransform"'

parseResults: Parses the XML returned from eclDirectCall().

sprayFixed: Used to upload the fixed-format file from the landing zone to...

sprayVariable: Used to upload the variable length file from the landing zone...

trim: This function is used to trim leading or trailing whitespaces


ECL Man page
ECL-class Man page
ECLDataset Man page
ECLDataset-class Man page
ECLDedUp Man page
ECLDedUp-class Man page
eclDirectCall Man page
ECLDistribute Man page
ECLDistribute-class Man page
ECLIterate Man page
ECLIterate-class Man page
ECLJoin Man page
ECLJoin-class Man page
ECLOutput Man page
ECLOutput-class Man page
ECLProject Man page
ECLProject-class Man page
ECLRecord Man page
ECLRecord-class Man page
ECLRollUp Man page
ECLRollUp-class Man page
ECLSort Man page
ECLSort-class Man page
ECLTable Man page
ECLTable-class Man page
ECLTOPN Man page
ECLTOPN-class Man page
ECLTransform Man page
ECLTransform-class Man page
parseResults Man page
sprayFixed Man page
sprayVariable Man page
trim Man page

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