Man pages for rHpcc
Interface between HPCC and R

ECLThe base class that generates the ECL(Enterprise Control...
ECL-classClass '"ECL"'
ECLDatasetCreates a DATASET definition. The DATASET declaration defines...
ECLDataset-classClass '"ECLDataset"'
ECLDedUpCreates an ECL "DEDUP" definition.
ECLDedUp-classClass '"ECLDedUp"'
eclDirectCallExecutes the ECL code on the cluster specified and returns...
ECLDistributeCreates an ECL "DISTRIBUTE" definition.
ECLDistribute-classClass '"ECLDistribute"'
ECLIterateCreates an ECL "ITERATE" definition.
ECLIterate-classClass '"ECLIterate"'
ECLJoinCreates an ECL "JOIN" definition.
ECLJoin-classClass '"ECLJoin"'
ECLOutputCreates a ECL action "Output".
ECLOutput-classClass '"ECLOutput"'
ECLProjectCreates an ECL "PROJECT" definition.
ECLProject-classClass '"ECLProject"'
ECLRecordCreates an ECL "Record Set" definition.
ECLRecord-classClass '"ECLRecord"'
ECLRollUpCreates an ECL "ROLLUP" definition.
ECLRollUp-classClass '"ECLRollUp"'
ECLSortCreates an ECL "SORT" definition.
ECLSort-classClass '"ECLSort"'
ECLTableCreates an ECL "TABLE" definition.
ECLTable-classClass '"ECLTable"'
ECLTOPNReturns the first count number of records in the sorts order...
ECLTOPN-classClass '"ECLTOPN"'
ECLTransformCreates an ECL "TRANSFORM" definition.
ECLTransform-classClass '"ECLTransform"'
parseResultsParses the XML returned from eclDirectCall().
sprayFixedUsed to upload the fixed-format file from the landing zone to...
sprayVariableUsed to upload the variable length file from the landing zone...
trimThis function is used to trim leading or trailing whitespaces
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