R wrappers for JPSGCS gene drop programs.


R wrappers for gene drop programs in Alun Thomas' Java Programs for Statistical Genetics and Computational Statistics (JPSGCS).


R wrappers for programs from JPSGCS required to simulate data by gene drop (GeneDrops) based on a fitted LD model (FitGMLD). JPSGCS java source code was downloaded from http://balance.med.utah.edu/wiki/index.php/JPSGCS in March 2011. See the package NEWS file (RShowDoc("NEWS", package="rJPSGCS")) for a list of modifications needed to interface with R.


Sigal Blay, Jinko Graham, Brad McNeney and Annick Nembot-Simo

Maintainer: Brad McNeney <mcneney@sfu.ca>


JPSGCS home page: http://balance.med.utah.edu/wiki/index.php

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