Man pages for rMR
Importing Data from Loligo Systems Software, Calculating Metabolic Rates and Critical Tensions

background.respDetermine the Background Respiration in a Respirometer
Barom.PressEstimate Barometric Pressure
DO.saturationCalculate Oxygen Saturation of Water
DO.unit.convertConvert Between Different Common Units of DO Concentration
Eq.Ox.concEquilibrium Concentration of Dissolved Oxygen in Water
fishMRGnathonemus Respirometry Trial Data
get.pcritCalculate Critical Tension for Rate Processes
get.witrox.dataLoad Data from 'AutoResp' Software Generated .txt Files
MR.loopsCalculate Metabolic Rates from Multiple Closed Respirometry...
plotRawPlotting Data from Witrox
rMR-packageImporting Data from Loligo Systems Software Output,...
sumsqSum of squares
tot.rssTotal Residual Sum of Squares for Broken Stick Model
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