Man pages for rSFA
Slow Feature Analysis in R

addNoisyCopiesAdd noisy copies for parametric bootstrap
customRepCustom Repeater Function
customRepmatCustom repmat Function
customSizeCustom Size Function.
etavalComputes the eta value of a signal (slowness)
gaussClassifierClassifier for SFA demos
gaussCreateCreate an Gaussian classifier object
gaussLoadLoad a GAUSS object.
gaussSaveSave a GAUSS object.
lcovCreateCreate a new covariance object.
lcovFixFix a covariance object
lcovPcaPrincipal Component Analysis on a covariance object
lcovPca2Improved Principal Component Analysis on a covariance object
lcovTransformTransform a covariance object
lcovUpdateUpdate a covariance object
nlDimCustom Nonlinear Dimension Calculation
nlExpandExpand a signal in the for Nonlinear Expansion demo
rSFA-packageSlow Feature Analysis in R
sfa1The SFA1 algorithm, linear SFA.
sfa1CreateCreate structured list for linear SFA
sfa1StepA step in the SFA1 algorithm.
sfa2The SFA2 algorithm, SFA with degree 2 expansion.
sfa2CreateCreate structured list for expanded SFA
sfa2StepA step in the SFA2 algorithm.
sfaBShBackslash operator.
sfaCheckConditionCheck Condition of a matrix for SFA
sfaClassifyPredict Class for SFA classification
sfaClassPredictPredict Class for SFA classification
sfaExecuteExecute learned function for input data
sfaExpandDegree 2 Expansion
sfaGetHfReturn a SFA function as a quadratic form.
sfaGetIntRangeHelper Function of SFA.
sfaLoadLoad a SFA object.
sfaNlRegressPerform non-linear regression
sfaPBootstrapParametric Bootstrap
sfaPreprocPreprocessing for SFA classification
sfaSaveSave a SFA object.
sfaStepUpdate a step of the SFA algorithm.
sfaTimediffCalculates the first derivative of signal data
xpDimDegree 2 Dimension Calculation
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