lcovPca: Principal Component Analysis on a covariance object

lcovPcaR Documentation

Principal Component Analysis on a covariance object


Performs PCA _and_ whitening on the covariance object referenced by lcov. CAUTION: can be numerically instable if covariance matrix is singular, better use LCOV_PCA2 instead /W. Konen/


lcovPca(lcov, dimRange = NULL)



A list that contains all information about the handled covariance-structure


A number or vector for dimensionality reduction:
if it is a number: only the first components 1:dimRange are kept (those with largest eigenvalues)
if it is a range: only the components in the range dimRange[1]..dimRange[2] are kept


returns a list: $W is the whitening matrix, $DW the dewhitening matrix and $D an array containing a list of the eigenvalues. $kvar contains the total variance kept in percent.


lcovFix(lcov) has to be used before this function is applied

See Also

lcovFix lcovPca2

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