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Solid Angle Correction for Neutron Detectors with Point Source


Correction factors are needed when an Neutron Rem Detector (NRD) aka "Remball" is used in close proximity to a points source. This formula is per ISO ISO 8529-2-2000 section 6.2. Note, however, that the ISO formula predicts the response. The formula used here takes the inverse to correct for the over-response.


neutron_geom_cf(l, r.d, del = 0.5)



The distance from the center of the detector to the center of the source. Units of l and r.d must be consistent.


The detector radius. Value for typical NRD is 11 cm. An example is also provided with a Rem 500 detector with a radius of 4.5 cm.


The neutron effectiveness factor, default per ISO.


The correction factor for solid angle.

See Also

Other rad measurements: air_dens_cf(), disk_to_disk_solid_angle(), scaler_sim(), tau_estimate()


neutron_geom_cf(l = 11.1, r.d = 11)
neutron_geom_cf(30, 11)
neutron_geom_cf(5, 4.5)

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