Man pages for randomForest
Breiman and Cutler's Random Forests for Classification and Regression

classCenterPrototypes of groups.
combineCombine Ensembles of Trees
getTreeExtract a single tree from a forest.
growAdd trees to an ensemble
importanceExtract variable importance measure
imports85The Automobile Data
marginMargins of randomForest Classifier
MDSplotMulti-dimensional Scaling Plot of Proximity matrix from...
na.roughfixRough Imputation of Missing Values
outlierCompute outlying measures
partialPlotPartial dependence plot
plot.randomForestPlot method for randomForest objects
predict.randomForestpredict method for random forest objects
randomForestClassification and Regression with Random Forest
rfcvRandom Forest Cross-Valdidation for feature selection
rfImputeMissing Value Imputations by randomForest
rfNewsShow the NEWS file
treesizeSize of trees in an ensemble
tuneRFTune randomForest for the optimal mtry parameter
varImpPlotVariable Importance Plot
varUsedVariables used in a random forest
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