Man pages for randomLCA
Random Effects Latent Class Analysis

AICAIC for randomLCA object
AIC3AIC with 3 penalty for randomLCA object
BICBIC for randomLCA object
calcCond2ProbCalculate Conditional Outcome Probabilities for 2 Level...
calcCondProbCalculate Conditional Outcome Probabilities
calcMargProbCalculates Marginal Outcome Probabilities
classProbsDetermines class probabilities for fitted model
dentistryDental X-ray data
fittedfitted values
genderroleGender Role Opinion Items
hivtestsHIV testing data
logLiklog Likelikelihood for randomLCA object
maxPostClassDetermines class with maximum posterior class probability for...
myocardialMyocardial Infarction (MI)
outcomeProbsExtract outcome probabilities for randomLCA object
papPositive Action program implementation
plotPlot a randomLCA object
postClassProbsDetermines posterior class probabilities for fitted model
print.randomLCAprint for randomLCA object
randomLCAFits a Latent Class Model including a Random Effect
ranefExtract random effects from a randomLCA object
refitRefit an randomLCA object
summary.randomLCASummary for randomLCA object
symptomsSymptoms data
uterinecarcinomaUterine Carcinoma Data
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